ACS. Board food

ACS. Board food

Almaty Catering Services Ltd., founded in 1998 and functioning in accordance with the ISO 9000 standards, provides catering services at Almaty International Airport JSC.

Almaty Catering Services Ltd. renders its services to all airlines departing from Almaty International Airport, including national airlines and foreign airlines such as Air Astana, SCAT, Asiana Airlines, Lufthansa.

ACS Ltd. provides passengers of the airlines departing from Almaty International Airport with various meals of high quality, and successfully uses national features of local and European cuisine. ACS Ltd. has an extensive experience in preparation of menu and cooking of special meal for passengers who have different requirements and who need vegetarian, dietetic, religious, and baby food.

Every year Almaty Catering Services Ltd. insures its liability for the quality of provided flight meal, third party liability, and liability for damage caused to aircraft due to negligence of personnel of the ACS Ltd. at European insurance companies. The company functions in accordance with the sanitary and hygienic norms of the International Flight Catering Association. It is located in a secure area on the territory of the Almaty International Airport near the airfield.

Currently, ACS Ltd. produces up to 7000 rations per day, which is not a limit for the company.

Almaty Catering Services Ltd. will be glad to cooperate with all airlines landing at Almaty International Airport.

Covid19: Travel Safe

We remind you that, despite the lifting of restrictions, the specialists of the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan recommended at Almaty airport to keep a distance in places with a large crowd of passengers. Also, for your convenience, sanitizers are placed in crowded places. When visiting the airport medical center, it is recommended to wear medical masks. For non-contact thermometry, remote thermal imagers are installed at all entrances to the terminal. We ask you to be responsible in public places and observe safety rules to avoid infection with COVID-19. We inform you that in accordance with the order of the Interdepartmental Commission on Preventing the Occurrence and Spread of Coronavirus infection in the Republic of Kazakhstan, vaccination points have been opened in medical organizations of the city. The nearest vaccination point from the airport is located in the city polyclinic № 32.

We have implemented signage for you to keep your physical distance with others during security control. Please adhere to directions.

X-ray machines and trays are disinfected frequently.

No, you can still check-in to your flight when you arrive at the terminal. On the other hand, for a faster and safer experience, we recommend to complete your online check-in before arriving at the terminal, whenever possible

Currently, due to the lifting of restrictions by the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, the entrance to the terminal of Almaty International Airport is allowed for all visitors, including airport employees, as well as meeting and accompanying persons.

To make your trip comfortable and without problems, we recommend arriving at the airport in advance: you must have time to pass the check through Ashyk, pack your luggage, check in for the flight, check in your luggage and, of course, have a cup of coffee before the flight.

- passenger registration for international flights begins 2 hours before departure, for domestic flights-1.5 hours;
- check-in ends 40 minutes before departure.

Late passengers are not allowed on the flight. These time frames are approved in the Rules for organizing passenger services at airports of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

All lounge areas are cleaned and disinfected as prescribed by public health authorities with increased frequency based on the air traffic.

The food points at our airport are arranged in such a way that you maintain a safe physical distance with other people. Please follow the instructions and pointers. Catering facilities, kitchens and storage rooms are often disinfected. The Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan recommends the wearing of medical masks in crowded areas.

The duty-free at our airport are configured as for you to keep your safe physical distance with others. Please follow instructions and signage. Wearing a mask is obligatory at duty-free shops.

Duty-free areas and storage areas are frequently disinfected.

For your safety, the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan recommends wearing medical masks in crowded areas, as well as in the medical center of the airport

Precautions to be taken at airports against COVID-19 are determined by the Resolution of the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan. We try to fully maintain all precautions at our airport.