ACS. Board food

ACS. Board food


"Almaty Catering Services" LLP is a company specializing in the production of in-flight catering, catering to the aviation industry, and terminal cafes and restaurants since 1998. Situated in a covered area of 3500 m2 with a staff of 450 employees. 

The company focuses on providing delicious, high-quality dishes tailored to the unique needs of airlines and their passengers. The mission of the company is to enhance the quality of in-flight dining, turning it into an unforgettable experience for passengers, transcending mere sustenance. 

"Almaty Catering Services" operates in compliance with the hygiene and sanitation standards of the European Association of In-Flight Catering Manufacturers. The company holds an ISO certificate, confirming adherence to the ACS food safety management system's highest standards. The entire process, including storage, production, and delivery, follows HACCP standards, prioritizing the safety of food products on the premises. 

Catering company located within the secure zone of Almaty International Airport, the facility is a ten-minute drive from the runway. 

The client base includes both Kazakhstani and international airlines such as Air Astana, Qatar Airways, SCAT, Lufthansa, Asiana Airlines, and Fly Arystan. The catering company also provides VIP services for private and government flights. 

The production capacity of the facility is 14 000 portions per day, with an average daily output of 12,000 portions currently, ensuring the quality and safety of the provided in-flight catering. 

Our menu, inspired by your travels, features dishes emphasizing local fresh ingredients, crafted by world-class chefs, and an exclusive selection of premium-class beverages. 

The in-flight catering company "Almaty Catering Services" welcomes collaboration with all airlines landing at Almaty International Airport. 


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