Conceptual designs of the new terminal

Conceptual designs of the new terminal

VIP Terminal Cultural Heritage Mitigation and Enhancement Measures Note

The VIP Terminal holds local significance for Almaty, featuring architectural and decorative elements that are regionally important for Kazakhstan. While some elements enhance its cultural value, others diminish it. The building's aesthetic value is primarily derived from its architectural form, featuring structural elements with high cultural heritage value that are both authentic and relatively unique.

The airport building serves as a defining point in the urban development axis along Maylin Street, maintaining its central position. Preserving its original appearance, documented in historical photographs and archival records, the building has stood contributing to the city's historical memory. Positioned perpendicular to the connecting highway, surrounded by green spaces, transport interchanges, and parking lots, the VIP Terminal's spire-towered structure presented a dominant and distinguished appearance.

Regarding the proposed location for the new international passenger terminal building, an optioneering process was undertaken. Concepts and design solution principles were considered, leading to detailed designs and stakeholder consultations. Two options emerged, with Option 2.2 chosen due to construction and design constraints. To mitigate the impact of this option, Almaty International Airport has outlined specific measures:

  • Relocation of VIP building by recreating the architectural style and include design features influenced by the existing VIPT, where feasible and relocation of the stained-glass windows.
  • Digital twin creation
  • Landscaping to the front of the new presidential terminal building.


New International Passenger Terminal:

  • Landscaping at the front of the new terminal building.
  • Creation of a new 'landmark feature' at the end of Mailin Street through a public competition among young architects.
  • Establishment of an exhibition space within the landside departures zone, showcasing culturally significant elements retained from the VIP Terminal Building.

Free Access Exposition in the Central Hall of the New Terminal Building:

Almaty International Airport has allocated 100 m² to an exhibition space dedicated to the VIP Terminal building. The central installation combines modern digital technologies with iconic architectural elements, recreating the historic airport's image. Featuring touch panels, historical newsreels, and models of airport buildings, the exposition aims to capture the essence of the VIP Terminal's historical significance. Against the backdrop of the reconstructed central entrance with a stained-glass window, the installation creates a warm atmosphere for visitors to engage with the rich history of the Almaty airport.

Preliminary installation concept design

ALA will hold public meeting on September 29th 2022 at 11am at The Ritz Carlton Almaty,at  al -Farabi 77/7 to discuss design of new VIP terminal building and  mitigation measures for diminishing cultural significance.

Evaluation of Alternatives Report

VIP Building - Summarized Architectural Drawings

Generic Method Statement for VIP Building

Frequenty Asked Questions Regarding VIP Terminal

Form for comments and suggestions regarding the final design of the new international terminal building

Almaty International Airport starts a 30 - day public consultations period on July 4, 2022. The topic of discussion is conceptual design of the new international terminal. The following disclosure package was published on website under Materials for construction of the new international terminal section:
•    Conceptual Design
•    Heritage Statement
•    Heritage Interpretation Plan
•    Conservation Performance Guidelines
•    Significant Fabric Assessment
•    Evaluation of Alternatives
•    Non-technical summary of heritage impacts 
Form for comments and suggestions. Paper copies can also be found on paper in service centers at the district akimats of Almaty.

Almaty International Airport will start 2 weeks stakeholder consultation period on September 5th. During this period offline meeting will be held and comments regarding final design of the New International terminal will be accepted. Further details regarding date, time and venue will be announced later on

Almaty International Airport Expansion: Technical Note for Additional Mitigation
Concept Designs for New Terminal Facilities
Comment form
Heritage Statement
Significant Fabric Assessment
Heritage Interpretation Plan
Evaluation of Alternatives Report
Conservation Performance Guidelines