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JSC “Almaty International Airport” announces an open tender for the procurement of the following goods (works, services): Lot № 1 “Diesel fuel oil winter” – 585 tenge, Lot № 2 “Diesel fuel oil summer” – 612 tenge, Lot № 3 “AI-80 gasoline” – 203 tenge, Lot № 4 “AI-92 gasoline” – 194 tenge, Lot № 5 “AI-96 gasoline” – 81 tenge. Complete list of purchased goods (works, services), their quantity and detailed specification are provided in tender documents. Delivery date: Lot № 1 “Diesel fuel oil winter” – 585 tenge – 4 quarter, Lot № 2 “Diesel fuel oil summer” – 612 tenge – 500 tons in March, 3-4 quarters, Lot № 3 “AI-80 gasoline” – 203 tenge – 2-3 quarters, Lot № 4 “AI-92 gasoline” – 194 tenge – 50 tons in March, 1-2 quarters, Lot № 5 “AI-96 gasoline” – 81 tenge – on the card. All potential suppliers that meet qualification requirements specified in p.7 of Rules of procurement by subjects of natural monopolies of goods, works and services, costs on which are taken into account when approving tariffs (prices, fee rates) or their level limits and tariff estimates on the regulated services approved by Order of the Minister of national economy of Kazakhstan dated January 20, 2015, № 18, are allowed to participate in tender. The package of tender documentation is available up to 11.00 o’clock, on February 14, 2017, at the address: Apt.11, 2, Mailin str., Almaty, from 08:00 to 17:00 o’clock or by email lawyers@alaport.com after submission by the potential supplier of the document confirming the payment of tender documents. The cost of tender documents is 2000 tenge including VAT and is payable to the cashier of Accounting Department of JSC “Almaty International Airport” or shall be paid to settlement account of JSC “Almaty International Airport”:
BIN 950440001445,
IIK KZ276010131000122359 in JSC “Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan”,
Small businesses and organizations that produce goods, works and services established by public associations of disabled people of Kazakhstan are provided with tender documentation free of charge. The amount allocated for procurement is: Lot № 1 “Diesel fuel oil winter” – 585 tenge - 112 251 840,00 tenge including VAT, Lot № 2 “Diesel fuel oil summer” – 612 tenge - 98 549 227,00 tenge including VAT, Lot № 3 “AI-80 gasoline” – 203 tenge - 25 151 044,00 tenge including VAT, Lot № 4 “AI-92 gasoline” – 194 tenge - 35 696 552,00 tenge including VAT, Lot № 5 “AI-96 gasoline” – 81 tenge - 15 475 125,00 tenge including VAT. The tenders for participation in the tender sealed in envelopes shall be submitted by potential suppliers in “Almaty International Airport” to the address: Apt.11, 2, Mailin str., Almaty. The deadline for submission of tenders is till 09:00 o’clock on February 15, 2017. Envelopes with tenders will be opened at 11:00 o’clock on February 15, 2017 at the following address: Apt.43, 2, Mailin str., Almaty. Potential suppliers and their representatives can be present at unsealing of envelopes with tenders. Consumers of services of natural monopoly entities have the right to participate as observers in the tender held by JSC “Almaty International Airport”. More information and assistance is available by phone: 8 (727) 270-33-77.

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